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Welcome to Rainbow Valley

Hello and a warm welcome to Rainbow Valley. Rainbow Valley began as a dream, a dream my daughter, Johanna had that never came to fruition for her as she passed away from Leukaemia in 2005 aged 27.

As a family, we will always be grateful for the NHS and its wonderful Medics and Staff. However, during her illness, Johanna and I felt there was something missing. Something we had to find from within that would enhance the treatment being provided by the medical profession.

Johanna felt her disease was being treated and not her mind, body & soul. Diagnosed at 16, she felt a huge loss of control over her future and spoke often of a place where she could access information and the right people to help her take back that control

Her love for Rainbows inspired the name Rainbow Valley.

Offering residential courses and gathering together professionals in their field, we aim to tailor courses and events. A “Can Do” approach will be mastered for those interested in visiting, volunteering or indeed assisting in a positive environment.

Johanna often said to me throughout her cancer journey “I was just born too soon, one day people will know that a cancer diagnosis is not about handing over your health to someone else.”

At Rainbow Valley we work tirelessly to break through those barriers and fill that gap, which in turn will allow people to feel ALL avenues have been explored and that we have allowed them to feel whole and in control again.

There is much to do and many steps still to take but at Rainbow Valley together we will nourish, nurture & educate until everyone knows that there IS something they can do to enhance their wellbeing and live life to the full – to thrive, not just survive.

I feel privileged you have visited our website and hope you will want to be part of our Rainbow Valley Family. Now pop over to our events page and discover that YOU “Can Do” so much to help those affected by cancer.

Thank you.


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