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How it all started

Rainbow Valley is an idea inspired by the vision of Johanna MacVicar, a young woman who, in 1994, aged 16 years, was diagnosed with leukaemia. Like most people when first diagnosed, Johanna felt very out of control of her life, and the difference Rainbow Valley would have made to her, her family and friends would have been immense. She knew she had choices but gathering research, identifying options and seeking out the genuine people, therapies and support is a daunting task when you are so ill and desperate.

In 2005, Johanna sadly lost her fight against the illness. Johanna’s love of Rainbows has inspired those who loved her to bring together Rainbow Valley.

Johanna’s mother, Angela Macvicar and other members of her family joined forces to launch Rainbow Valley in July 2012. Through their focus and determination they have tirelessly raised awareness and built wide public support to bring together a determined and committed Board of Trustees, professionals, and supporters to deliver Johanna’s vision.

Rainbow Valley belongs to everyone affected by cancer. Once you have attended one of our courses or events, you will feel like part of the Rainbow Valley family.

We provide the practical tools necessary to take a holistic approach to living with and overcoming cancer, addressing the psychological, emotional and physical needs of each individual and their support network. Using innovative and established therapies incorporating nutrition, exercise and relaxation, we devise and deliver courses in a tranquil setting away from the hospital environment.

Our long term goal is that one day Rainbow Valley will be a place where people can return and drop in as well as hosting our Residential & Day courses.

Angela (Johanna’s Mum)

Our Values

These serve as guidelines for our conduct and behaviour as we work towards our vision.

  • Excellence
    We are committed to excellence in everything we do; we are continually focused on improvement, innovation and education and strive to exceed the expectations of patients, donors, volunteers and staff.
  • Integrity
    Integrity is at the heart of all that we do. We are honest, ethical and engage in responsible decision making that reflects the highest standards of conduct. This ensures that our credibility, leadership and use of funding is adhered to.
  • Respect
    We respect individuality and belief systems, the right to uphold the philosophy and personal choices of each individual and to support these people, their families and friends.
  • Ambition
    We strive to be recognized globally as leaders in a holistic approach to wellness.
    We also have a long term goal to build a home for everyone to join the Rainbow Family in their quest to empower themselves to take back control from a cancer diagnosis, to nurture their mind, body and soul.
  • Empowerment
    It is our goal to empower each individual physically and emotionally and to guide them towards a more seamless integrated experience which encompasses orthodox treatment and complementary therapies. We recognize the need to not only empower the person receiving the diagnosis but their families and support network to ensure a holistic approach
  • Compassion
    We are compassionate and caring towards people at all stages of their health journey.
  • Accessible
    We strive to create a place where anyone affected by cancer may enhance their quality of life through programs which complement hospital treatment and care focusing on the mind body and spirit connection.

Our Beliefs


We believe that learning from the experiences of others helps people live

Sharing time and being with other people is a human instinct. When we need advice, we ask someone with experience. Our courses and information we provide is experience and evidence based.


We believe that awareness of a full spectrum of approaches to confronting cancer will help people live longer, better lives

We welcome open discussion about any cancer fighting strategy because we believe everyone has a right to make their own decisions about their health.


We believe that individuals who take some responsibility for their health live longer, better lives

A cancer diagnosis is frightening, depressing and often overwhelming. There are medical terms we don’t understand and treatments we have never heard of. While conventional oncology is important, both traditional and non-traditional therapies can be considered and the many possible decisions surrounding a diagnosis ultimately rest with the individual.

Our Team

Hello and a warm welcome to Rainbow Valley. Rainbow Valley began as a dream, a dream my daughter, Johanna had that never came to fruition for her as she passed away from Leukaemia in 2005 aged 27.

As a family, we will always be grateful for the NHS and its wonderful Medics and Staff. However, during her illness, Johanna and I felt there was something missing. Something we had to find from within that would enhance the treatment being provided by the medical profession.

Johanna felt her disease was being treated and not her mind, body & soul. Diagnosed at 16, she felt a huge loss of control over her future and spoke often of a place where she could access information and the right people to help her take back that control

Her love for Rainbows inspired the name Rainbow Valley.

Offering residential courses and gathering together professionals in their field, we aim to tailor courses and events. A “Can Do” approach will be mastered for those interested in visiting, volunteering or indeed assisting in a positive environment.

No Rainbow Without Rain


Random strangers shuffle in, days later they are one
The focus not on pity, but gratitude and fun

Bonds were forged and friendships sewn, a few tears along the way
Never forgetting those simple words, what made you smile today?

Calmness, connection and namaste, words, just to name a few
The light inside me my friend, will honour the light in you

Barriers were broken, comfort zones were stretched
Beautiful words were spoken, in our hearts and minds they are etched

Stress management and heart coherence are extremely important things
But so is uncontrolled laughter, with the tears of joy that brings

The past is gone, what’s done is done, the future can’t be controlled
But we must enjoy the present, the here and now, our time right now is gold

Seven colours create the dream, a collection of beautiful hues
You can love, you can laugh, you can heal, you will blow away the blues

To care for each other, to really care for each other
You don’t need to be Mother Theresa, you don’t need to be Princess Diana

Just take strength from each other, and honour the legacy, of a beautiful soul who was called Johanna……….

Ross Mitchell – Course Attendee 20.10.23