As we kick off a new year, we’re excited to begin sharing the ambitions we have to increase the reach of our work and help more people access our services. Of course, we can’t do this alone but we’re confident we’ll build the right team of people on our way.
Since our beginnings in 2012 we have been building a pretty special Rainbow Valley Family who support and believe in the work we’re doing. So, as we enter a new decade, we hope all our friends will come together to help us grow and give everyone facing a cancer diagnosis the opportunity to take a holistic approach to their life.



Sassy & Classy

Join us on Sunday 8th March at our 4th annual Ladies Lunch in the Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow, with our amazing host and friend of Rainbow Valley, Mr Edward Reid.
A sparkling reception, 3 course lunch and entertainment included for £50pp.
Tickets are available here.



Glasgow Kiltwalk

We are looking for 50 people to join Team Rainbow Valley on Sunday 26th April at the Glasgow Kiltwalk. With The Hunter Foundation topping up every penny you raise by 50% this is the very best way to help us raise money.
And if you aren’t able to take part yourself this year we’re hoping you’ll get a friend to do it in your place.
For more info email


Brave To Bare

In its second year, this is an event unlike any other. The women  who have attended our courses have the opportunity to be the star of the day and in the process inspire us all to stand up, be proud and acknowledge our journey.
A maximum of 20 women are invited to be a part of this special day which takes place at the Double Tree at Hilton, Glasgow 23rd August. Will you be brave enough to bare? Or looking to be inspired? Click on here to book your table.


London Prudential

Rainbow Valley has secured a limited number of spaces for this years Prudential Ride London on 16th August. We are offering a discounted rate of £110 sign up fee. Minimum sponsorship required. To grab one of these spaces click here or email




As we said at the start – we know we can’t do it alone! We want to build a Development Committee who will help lead the way in how we grow through 2020 and beyond. We will meet 4 or 5 times a year and be willing to share our ideas, contacts and influence to make a difference. If you feel you have any skills you could bring please contact


There are lots of organisations who support charities every year. If you know of any, or even work at one, please let us know how to apply.


We remain ever grateful to everyone who supports us financially to ensure we can continue to deliver our ‘7 Steps to Health’ courses completely free of charge. If you would like to donate you can do so here.


Leave a gift in your Will

Have you considered leaving Rainbow Valley a gift in your Will? It is estimated that 250,000 people are living with cancer in Scotland and that 2 in 5 people (41%) in Scotland will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. By leaving a gift to Rainbow Valley in your Will, you’ll be helping us to continue running our residential courses and therefore reaching out to more people affected by cancer.
Without a Will expressing your wishes, your whole estate could end up belonging to the Crown or government. Write a Will to keep control.



Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep, especially between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., will help you heal — for real. Not only will you be able to respond to treatments better, but restful sleep activates your body’s own regenerative abilities. Keep your room cool, block out all light, ditch caffeine by noon, cut back on alcohol (alcohol disrupts melatonin and blood sugar), give yourself time to wind down with pre bed mindfulness.

Mindful Exercise

Breathe and listen. Your breath also has the power to reduce stress. When we’re in prolonged fight or flight mode, it’s hard to make decisions and easy to get depressed, anxious and exhausted. Breathe. If you feel the panic setting in, here is a proven strategy to help you feel less anxious:
Breathe deeply, in through your nose, out through your mouth
Slowly look around you and find…
  • 5 things you can see
  • 4 things you can touch
  • 3 things you can hear
  • 2 things you can smell
  • 1 emotion you feel
This simple exercise should help any time you feel that things are getting out of control.



Hello and Goodbye

There has been some big changes to the Rainbow Valley Team.
After two years of hard work, Brodie has made the decision to step down from her role, as the Fundraising Manager, as she is expecting her third baby this Summer. We cant wait to meet this little bundle, when it arrives, and we wish to thank Brodie for everything she achieved whilst at Rainbow Valley.
Welcome to Anne Hughes as our new Fundraising Manager. Anne has many years experience within the fundraising field and we are delighted to have her on board.
Kendall is still off on maternity leave and whilst she has been away Tristan Hutchinson has stepped in to an administrative role. We would also like to congratulate Tristan on her recent wedding. Exciting times indeed.
We understand there has been a few changes and thank you for your patience. Rest assured that we are thriving and will continue to fufill our vision.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and I look forward to welcoming you at one of our future events or courses.
Lindsay MacCallum
Project Development Manager